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The Eighth Road

A Prequel Short Story in the World of Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian

Before Jayne Thorne unlocked her magic, her sister sought to destroy it…

Haunted by memories of her mother’s dangerous exploits, Sofia Thorne is determined to keep magic away from her sister, Jayne, forever.

In a desperate attempt to permanently sever magic from their lives, Sofia travels with Jayne to Miami to track down a dangerous witch who might have a solution. But when they find themselves caught in the crossfire between two powerful magicians, Sofia must face her greatest fear.

Can she protect Jayne from the dark magical energies that killed their parents? Or are the sisters destined to fall victim to the same twisted power?


THE EIGHTH ROAD is an exciting prequel to book one of the Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian urban fantasy series, TOMB OF THE QUEEN.

This short story is co-written with New York Times bestselling author Joss Walker.

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