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Signed Copy of The Lost Phoenix

The man she loves was taken from her. Now, she'll travel to Hell to bring him back.


Brielle is determined to rescue Leo from the Underworld. Struggling against the influences of dark magic, she strives to reconnect with her lost phoenix in order to save Leo. But the darkness proves a more powerful force than she thought.


Trapped in the Underworld with Lilith, Leo faces unspeakable horrors. Ghosts he thought he'd escaped forever. Trauma he can never forget. He becomes a different person and loses all sense of his identity, bound to serve Lilith forever.


When Brielle finally connects with her phoenix and finds Leo, the true strength of Lilith's power is revealed.


War is waged. The souls of the damned are unleashed.


In the end, Brielle and Leo must choose between survival... and defeating their worst enemy.

Signed Copy of The Lost Phoenix


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