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Signed Copy of Bound by Blood

This thrilling conclusion to the Timecaster Chronicles provides the answers Desi Campbell has yearned for since she first time traveled.


The secret to why she was called to Santiago in the first place.


Finally back in her own time, Desi seeks out the friends she never thought she'd see again and joins their cause to fight the unstoppable demon lord Levarret.

Then Desi learns that Levarret has more to do with her past than she realized. And he's targeting Oliver, too.


Desi will do anything to protect Oliver. But when a spell is uncovered that can defeat their enemy once and for all, Oliver may have to pay the ultimate price for them to succeed.


War rages between the rebels and Levarret. Disaster strikes the city, threatening the lives of thousands.


Love lost. Death conquered. A demon master unleashed.

Signed Copy of Bound by Blood


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