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Guardians of Silence eBook cover.png

Guardians of Silence

Volume One

A Short Story in the World of Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian

A fierce magic tied to the natural world. A duty-bound magician. And the woman who will test his destiny…

Long before Jayne Thorne discovered her powers, a very old magic existed. One destined to protect the world from an impossible and deadly power.

Karam Newport is a Guardian, part of a secret society of powerful magicians tasked with devoting their lives to protecting the source of all magic: the Torrent. Only a Guardians’ unique powers can keep the wild forces of the Torrent from leaking into the world and destroying all mankind.

But Karam’s destiny becomes uncertain when he meets a woman who challenges his way of thinking. Now, he envisions a different kind of future for himself: one of hope and love.

When a magical terror organization seeks to unleash the Torrent, Karam must make an impossible choice: live his life with the woman of his dreams or die trying to save the world from the unstoppable force of the Torrent.

The Guardians is a spin-off mini-series from the world of Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian. Be prepared to watch these incredible magicians conquer worlds, test their fates, and work to defeat the evil forces trying to control the universe.

This mini-series is co-written with Joss Walker.

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