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Discovery of Magic

A Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian Collection

Follow Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian's discovery of magic in this collection of contemporary fantasy adventure stories...


This collection contains two full-length novels and a prequel short story set in the Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian cosmere. A Discovery of Witches meets Mercy Thompson, with a splash of Indiana Jones and Gilmore Girls, in this unique new magical world, perfect for fans of McKenzie Hunter, Linsey Hall, and Illona Andrews.


A librarian. A spellbook. And a magical terror organization set on controlling the world...

Librarian Jayne Thorne enjoys her quiet life of tea and books until she finds a spell book in the Vanderbilt University archives that gives her access to a magical dimension. Now she's hunted by a magic-wielding terrorist group, and the only way for her to survive is to team up with a secret branch of the CIA for her first undercover mission: to find an ancient necromantic grimoire in Dublin.


THE EIGHTH ROAD (A Prequel Short Story)

Before Jayne Thorne unlocked her magic, her sister sought to destroy it…

Haunted by memories of her mother’s dangerous exploits, Sofia Thorne is determined to keep magic away from her sister, Jayne, forever. An exciting prequel to the series.


A lost grimoire. A dangerous new enemy. And a powerful magical weapon that could destroy the world...

When Jayne’s mentor goes missing, she is sent to Paris to find him, only to land in the crosshairs of a deadly terrorist organization and their diabolical weapon. As Jayne hunts for the grimoire, she unlocks the secret to summoning the Master of Shadows—a long-dead master magician possessing a dark and destructive magic.

This collection is co-written with Joss Walker and Alisha Klapheke.

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