Twisted by Time

Timecaster Chronicles, Book One

17-year-old witch Desiree Campbell tries to cast a spell to go to Miami for spring break.

But she ends up in Cuba a hundred years in the past.

The year is 1898. The Spanish-American War rages. Demons thrive in the city, preying on humans. Desi is caught between the war of mortals and the war of monsters.

She meets Oliver Gerrick, a handsome American soldier and warlock. He offers to help her fight off demons and find a way home.

But the path to returning back to her own time won't be easy. Demons attack, hungry for blood. And Desi suddenly finds herself targeted by a powerful demon lord.

He knows she's time-traveled. And he wants to keep her trapped in 1898 forever.


Devoured by Darkness

Timecaster Chronicles, Book Two

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It’s been six months since El Diablo’s disappearance, but Desi Campbell still has nightmares.

Still adjusting after time-traveling, Desi hunts demons with her coven in 1899 Santiago.

Then she hears rumors that El Diablo is back—and he's in Manila, where Oliver is fighting in the Philippine-American War. She travels there to warn him.

A heart-crushing secret is exposed. Familiar faces resurface. And Desi is faced with dark magic she's never known before.

Demons stalk the city, preying on civilians. Desi is torn between protecting innocents and finding El Diablo.

She continues fighting, until she finds herself surrounded by demons who practice the darkest magic.

But Desi will do anything to protect the ones she loves. Even if it means pledging herself to darkness forever.

This book ends on a cliffhanger.



Bound by Blood

Timecaster Chronicles, Book Three

This thrilling conclusion to the Timecaster Chronicles provides the answers Desi Campbell has yearned for since she first time traveled.

The secret to Timecasters and why she was called to Santiago in the first place.


Finally back in her own time, Desi seeks out the friends she never thought she’d see again and joins their cause to fight the unstoppable demon lord Levarret.


Then Desi learns that Levarret has more to do with her past than she realized. And he's targeting Oliver, too.


Desi will do anything to protect Oliver. But when a spell is uncovered that can defeat their enemy once and for all, Oliver may have to pay the ultimate price for them to succeed.


War rages between the rebels and Levarret. Disaster strikes the city, threatening the lives of thousands.


Love lost. Death conquered. A demon master unleashed.

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Timecaster Chronicles

The Complete Series

A fall through time. A reckless witch. A war of monsters.

17-year-old witch Desiree Campbell tries to cast a spell to go to Miami for spring break..

But she ends up in Cuba a hundred years in the past.

In her efforts to return home, she is hunted by a demon vampire who is desperate to learn the secret to time travel.

Then Desi meets Oliver Gerrick, a handsome American soldier and warlock. He offers to help her fight off demons and find a way home. But the closer Desi gets to Oliver, the more secrets she uncovers . . . and the harder she falls for him.

Dive into the Timecaster Chronicles, and follow Desi's journey from Cuba to the Philippines to New York City as she faces love, death, and the darkest magic imaginable.

Timecaster Chronicles
Book 1: Twisted by Time
Book 2: Devoured by Darkness
Book 3: Bound by Blood

the cursed witch FINAL2.jpg

The Cursed Witch

Nightcaster Chronicles, Book One

She’s a witch with no powers. He’s a shape-shifting vampire. Trusting him could save her . . . or cost her everything.

Brielle Gerrick can’t access her magic. In an effort to awaken her powers, she gets sucked into a time portal—to a castle in Spain in the year 1735.

The castle is attacked by demons. Their leader is a shape-shifting vampire named Leo Serrano, an arrogant creep who enjoys taunting Brielle.

When Brielle’s dark powers awaken, the others in the castle turn on her. They try to capture her and uncover the source of her magic before it unleashes itself.

Desperate to escape, Brielle must put her trust in Leo and his coven of vampires. She'll do anything to master her powers and get back home.

Even if it means surrendering herself to her enemy.


The Fallen Demon

Nightcaster Chronicles, Book Two

Darkness brews. A new threat emerges. A deadly bargain is struck.

Leo Serrano, shape-shifting vampire and coven leader, knows something dark is approaching his city. To uncover the threat, he works alongside Brielle, a frustratingly stubborn witch who plays by her own rules. As his feelings for Brielle burn hotter, Leo discovers Brielle holds a fiery new power that threatens to consume them both.

A pack of werewolves arrives, intent on taking down the coven. But as Leo digs deeper, he finds a darker presence is pulling the strings. And he becomes the target of Lilith, queen of the Underworld.

War breaks out. Lives are at stake. And Leo will do anything to protect his coven.

Even if it means paying the ultimate price.

​This book contains strong sexual content and ends on a cliffhanger.

the fallen demon FINAL.png
the lost phoenix FINAL2.png

The Lost Phoenix

Nightcaster Chronicles, Book Three

The man she loves was taken from her. Now, she'll travel to Hell to bring him back.

Brielle is determined to rescue Leo from the Underworld. Struggling against the influences of dark magic, she strives to reconnect with her lost phoenix in order to save Leo. But the darkness proves a more powerful force than she thought.

Trapped in the Underworld with Lilith, Leo faces unspeakable horrors. Ghosts he thought he'd escaped forever. Trauma he can never forget. He becomes a different person and loses all sense of his identity, bound to serve Lilith forever.

When Brielle finally connects with her phoenix and finds Leo, the true strength of Lilith's power is revealed.

War is waged. The souls of the damned are unleashed.

In the end, Brielle and Leo must choose between survival... and defeating their worst enemy.

This book contains strong sexual content and themes of sexual assault.




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